CTO Block Activated Carbon Filter

Product Name:CTO Block Activated Carbon Filter
Ingredients:Activiated carbon block(Coconut shell carbon)
Function:The carbon block filter has the same function of the activated carbon filter,but water is forced through the mumerous pore holes in the solid carbon cartridge causing the carbon to absorb the traces of bad taste,smell and odor.

Item No. Regular Size
AF-CA-NSF01 Lenght x Width:5" x 2.5"(NSF)
AF-CA-NSF02 Lenght x Width:10" x 2.5"(NSF)
AF-CA-NSF03 Lenght x Width:20" x 2.5”(NSF)
AF-CA-NSF04 Lenght x Width:10" x 4.5"(NSF)
AF-CA-NSF05 Lenght x Width:20" x 4.5"(NSF)